What Kind Of Material Is Good For The Table Placemat?

- Oct 12, 2017-

When people eat at home and occasionally when the dishes are very hot, they need a table mat to protect the table, so as not to damage the table or burn the hand. Cotton Mat: this mat mat made use of cotton or cotton, absorbent, tableware can effectively control the heat, and it is easy to clean, soft texture, and elegant tableware collocation use, can reflect a life of high quality. Ma Ma, mat mat mat, as the name suggests is with linen material made of, this is a kind of mat mat is very strong, generally used for a very long time, good durability, and it has the effect of mothproof, from the objective to extend service life of mat. Bamboo mat: the bamboo mat, heat insulation, can effectively prevent the damage of hot table, some bamboo mat is made into a variety of cute and beautiful shape, can show the characteristics of bamboo itself is perfect. Paper cloth meal mat: the latest environmental protection material processing, heat insulation is better, but not washable. Plastic food cushion: environmental protection PP mat, EVA meal mat is popular at present, light quality, environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. Silicone mat: good texture, you can try again and again, the color is bright, the surface can make all kinds of patterns, never fade! And can do logo. because of the silica gel of environmental protection materials, so Xiao Bian suggested that we use more silica gel meal pad. Different materials of the meal pad, each has different characteristics and advantages.