To Make You Eat More Hamburger, McDonald's Made A Music Placemat

- Apr 19, 2018-

McDonald's in the Netherlands recently took up the idea of a placemat—the conductive ink was printed on paper. The paper placemat named McTrax was a circuit board. When connected to a battery, Bluetooth, etc., it could be connected to the same name App on the phone. . You can place your phone on a place mat to act as a screen and player, hit the printed keyboard on the placemat, and control the recording, playback, and other controls—it instantly becomes the restaurant DJ.

At the moment, it is fashionable for non-tech companies to adopt new technologies to decorate themselves. McDonald's is one of them. Previously, this Western-style fast food brand also took the VR devices that are currently only popular in the small circle to the restaurant and taught the guests to fold the hamburger box into a VR case. Coca-Cola has done similar things, but it uses a Coke bottle.

It is hard to say how much actual sales can be achieved in this way. The companies that are involved are actually brand images. The more fierce the competition is, the more necessary the brand is to continue to actively focus on self-marketing around the core to maintain its value longer.

After the Happy Paradise Package was launched in 1979, and toys were packaged as eye-catching items in a hamburger package, McDonald's embarked on such a continuous marketing path for new toys each year. Lego, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Snoopy, SpongeBob, Little Yellow, etc., or Changsheng or current popular toys have all appeared in the McDonald's restaurant.

All toys are customized, McDonald's has a dedicated toy supplier, one of which is called Creata's supplier, will list more than 30 topics 18 months in advance, let the McDonald's market sector in different countries around the world choose. They will add sound, special movements or light effects to the toy at design time. In short, it will not be the type of buy-and-buy products that supermarkets buy from other channels.

The music placemats and hamburger boxes VR do not come from the hands of such toy suppliers. They are hacked by digital advertising companies such as TBWA/Neboko, but the essence is still toys, new toys.

Children are not the only marketing target. McDonald's Hello Kitty series toys have a black Hello Kitty, this style of toys is not understandable for children.

The more developed the economy, the more adults like toys. They have the ability to spend, and often willing to accompany merchants to play games when they are psychologically touched. With the appearance of music mats, who said that it is not boring to take care of an adult's meal, incidentally, you may also leave a new impression on McDonald's.


Baidu and KFC launched the first smart concept store "KFC Original+".

Baidu’s artificial intelligence robot “Delicious Secret” was applied to this concept store. Diners can get experience including robot voice interaction, smart ordering and holographic projection.

Launched in Germany "can type keyboard" pallet keyboard.

After ordering, the pad in the tray becomes a 4 mm thick keyboard that is soft and foldable, waterproof and oil resistant. Press the switch key on the left side of the keyboard to open the phone and search for a Bluetooth device. Connect the KFC Tray Typer and you can type. Recharge by USB interface, you can also use it repeatedly.


Sweden, redesigned its iconic red-yellow carton and turned the box into virtual reality glasses.

This glasses is made with a lunch box of a happy paradise meal. Open the box, tear the box along the preset line, fold it again, and insert the attached lens. A "Happy Goggles" is made. Just put in a mobile phone, with the corresponding game or application, users can get a virtual reality experience.

#Pizza Hut

The new pizza box launched in Hong Kong was directly transformed into a movie projector "Blockbuster Box".

Inside the Blockbuster Box, there is a lens on the inside of the pizza holder. If you insert it into the hole on the side of the box, and then put the phone into the box and fix it with the bracket, the lens will enlarge the content of the screen and project it on the wall. The pizza box has therefore become a simple projector.