The Neon Lights

- Dec 16, 2017-

1, high efficiency, neon lights by both ends of the electrode of the lamp you hit the inert gas burning in high voltage electric field, he is different from the ordinary light source must be burned to a high temperature to tungsten light, causing a lot of power in the form of heat is consumed, therefore, with the same amount of electricity with neon lights higher brightness.           

2 low temperature, using the climate because of the cold cathode neon lamp working characteristics, the temperature at 60: degrees Celsius, so can set cover, the sun in the work. As well as its working characteristics, the neon light spectrum has a strong penetration, and it can also maintain a good effect in the case of rainy days or haze.           

3 long life neon lights in the continuous working continuously under the condition of power, life of ten thousand hours or more, suitable for any family of D COR, Valentine's day, birthday party, wedding, anniversary