The Functional Characteristics Of Placemat

- Nov 14, 2017-


Cotton pad: strong water absorption, easy to clean;

Hemp mat: mothproof, good durability;

Bamboo mat: the best thermal insulation, can effectively prevent the damage of hot goods to the dining table;

Paper cloth mat: the latest environmental protection material processing, heat insulation is good, but not washable.

Plastic dining mat: environmental protection PP mat, EVA meal cushion is more popular, light quality, environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface.

PVC mat, silica gel mat, good texture, can be repeated trial, bright colors, the surface can make a variety of patterns, never fade! And can do LOGO wooden dining pad, wooden mat is more practical, more durable, but the color is too monotonous with the type;

Plastic cushion made of PVC plastic plastic cushion, a variety of shapes, such as cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation models, etc., adding patterns, patterns more prominent, not only have practical, but also play a very good visual effect.

Silicone mat is now a new popular meal mat, material environmental protection, heat insulation, but the cost is higher

Material introduction

Silica gel is environmentally friendly material, I hope you will consider the use of.

Protect the earth!