Selection Of Tableware Mats

- Oct 12, 2017-

Tableware pad of many materials, each has its advantages and strengths, different tableware can also match different materials of tableware pad, reflect your life taste

1, wooden tableware pad: practical strong, but also more durable, but the color type is too monotonous;

2, bamboo mat, bamboo mat, heat insulation, can effectively prevent the damage of hot table, some bamboo mat is made into a variety of cute and beautiful shape, can show the characteristics of bamboo itself is perfect;

3, plastic meal pad: environmental protection PP meal pad, EVA meal pad is more popular, light quality, environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. For example, cartoon modeling, brand modeling, simulation model and so on, plus patterns, patterns more prominent, not only practical, but also to play a very good visual effect;

4, silica gel meal pad: texture is good, you can try again and again, bright colors, the surface can make a variety of patterns, never fade. Because of the environmental protection of silica gel material, so from the practical and environmental point of view, I suggest you use more silica gel meal pad, and in the market, silica gel pad is very common, easy to buy;

5, cotton meal pad: this meal pad made of cotton or cotton pads, water absorption is strong, can effectively control the heat of tableware, and it is also easy to clean, soft material. Xiao Bian prefers this kind of mat because it has many colors and can be matched with scenes.