Placemat Type

- Nov 14, 2017-


1, wooden dishes, wooden pads are more practical, more durable, but the color is too monotonous with the type.

2, PVC plastic plastic meal mat made of plastic mat, style variety, such as cartoon characters, brand modeling, simulation model and so on, the pattern is more prominent, not only practical, but also can play a very good visual effect.

3, silica gel mat is now a new popular meal mat, material environmental protection, heat insulation strong, but the cost of higher cost.

Rating the quality of the mat

Because of the low carbon, environmental protection, anti-skid, shockproof, heat insulation, wear resistance and other superior performance, more and more European and American five star hotels are very interested in silica gel mat! Especially high-end hotels are attach great importance to environmental protection, evaluation of five star hotel standard is to see whether the environmental protection index of the hotel standard, but is not only to measure the grade of the decoration