Placemat Purchase Knowledge

- Dec 07, 2017-

    Placemats are meal items that protect and decorate the dining table. General use of cotton, linen, bamboo, paper and other materials made of cloth.

    Cotton placemats:

    Strong water absorption, easy to clean, you can drop on the towel to see when drinking water absorption rate.

    Ma meal mat:

    Pest control moth, durability is good; hand towels can be used to pull pull to see how much the extent of tear open, the bigger the better.

    Bamboo placemats:

    Insulation best, can effectively prevent hot items on the table damage; can use a cup of hot water to test the site insulation effect.

    Paper cloth placemats:

    The latest environmentally friendly materials processed, better insulation, but not washable.

    Plastic placemats:

    Environmentally friendly PP placemats, EVA placemats are currently more popular, lightweight and environmentally friendly, fashionable and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. pvc placemats, silicone placemats, texture is good, you can try again and again, bright colors, the surface can produce a variety of patterns.

    How to choose the color of the product?

    White or colorless effect:

    Bring people a natural and calm feeling. Plaid: Family atmosphere of casual atmosphere. Dark blue: calm and noble feeling, dirt will not be obvious.

    Mat with the knowledge

    1, according to the color of the table.

    If the overall table is white, then simply use the same white napkin, then the best fresh flowers in the napkin to see, when the election flower, pay attention to the flower with the style, if it is a slender flower , There is a noble temperament, can be matched with the European style complement each other.

    2, according to the home style and features with.

    The traditional motifs, though rich in color and lively atmosphere, clashed with European-style furniture and made the table messy.

    3, according to the owner's decoration and preferences with the atmosphere.

    For example, coasters, if the use of natural materials and the use of plastic materials, giving home life a little natural flavor. The grass and rattan tablecloth bring tropical flavor. The best texture of hemp, can give a simple and elegant feeling.

    Mat with other items with

    1, placemats and table with placemats to give the desktop a picture for the smooth formation of the square composition. Place the meal mat to consider the table hungry size and proportion, in order to not overlap each other as the principle.

    2, placemats and tableware with the size of the desktop and tableware prevail. Put the food container, the food does not run out of placemat principle. Place a rectangular rectangular dinner plate, circular dinner plate with the best circular dinner plate, circular dinner plate with square place mat, depending on whether the proportion of the difference is too much, it is best to have the appropriate stay White.