Placemat Features

- Oct 12, 2017-


Cotton pad: water absorption is strong, easy to clean;

Hemp mat: mothproof, good durability;

Bamboo mat: the best heat insulation, can effectively prevent the damage of hot goods to the dining table;

Paper cloth meal mat: the latest environmental protection material processing, heat insulation is better, but not washable.

Plastic food cushion: environmental protection PP mat, EVA meal mat is more popular, light quality, environmental protection, fashionable, and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface.

PVC meal pad, silicone meal pad, texture is good, you can try again and again, bright colors, the surface can make a variety of patterns, never fade! And can do LOGO wooden meal pad, wooden meal pad, practical relatively strong, but also more durable, but the color and species are too monotonous;

Plastic mat, plastic mat with PVC plastic made of other kinds, such as cartoon characters, brand modeling, simulation model and so on, the pattern is more prominent, not only practical, but also can play a very good visual effect.

Silicone mat is now a new popular meal mat, material environmental protection, heat insulation, but the cost of higher cost