Pick The Floor Mat Method

- Oct 12, 2017-

1 density and elasticity. Good elasticity and high density carpet will make your carpet more comfortable. A method of detecting the elasticity of a carpet, where consumers can press fingers to see if they can recover quickly, and the faster the resilience of the carpet, the faster the rate of return. To detect the density of the carpet, consumers can see if the carpet is bent back to see the end, the general density is too big to be exposed at the bottom of the back.

2, material. The material of the carpet can reflect the pressure bearing capacity and wear resistance of the carpet. Good material to make the carpet longer life.

3, applicable position. When consumers choose carpets, pay attention to the location of the laying and the amount of walking. A region of frequent density, such as an entrance, a hall, etc., with a high density, wearable carpet. Walk around the area less, such as sleeping room, you can choose plush, soft, and the stairs should choose a durable, anti-skid species. In easy to put stains on the place, such as dining room, and so on, choose easy to clean, easy to take care of carpet.

4. Antifouling capability. The antifouling ability of carpets is very critical in life. In general the plain and there is no pattern of the carpet is easy to show besmirch and footmark, carpet dust accumulation surface on the blanket surface, usually exposed stains, but easy to clean up dust pollution, and is within easy in Terry blanket bottom dust, difficult to remove. Daily maintenance and maintenance of vacuum carpet carpet maintenance is the most basic work, the carpet from the day to day use, cleaning thoroughly, do not have to completely absorb the thought of tomorrow, once the dust accumulation of daily precipitation is very difficult to remove dust. PVC woven carpet, it meets the characteristics of easy cleaning, dirty water only need to wash, maintenance costs are reduced a lot.

5, carpet color. Consumers should pay attention to carpet colors in different light sources are different. Different production batches also make carpet color difference.

6 carpet brand. Consumers need to choose good quality brand carpet, so as to enjoy its offer a series of perfect after-sales service. In addition, a good brand carpet can guarantee carpets are wear-resistant, anti-static and anti fouling and other processing processes, it is not easy to fade.