How To Match The Mat?

- Oct 12, 2017-

1, according to the color of the table match.

If the whole table was white, then simply use the same white napkin, then the best on a napkin to see fresh flowers, when picking flowers, should pay attention to the collocation of flower type, flower type if it is fine, has a noble temperament, with European style to complement each other.

2, according to the style and characteristics of home match.

Although the traditional patterns are colorful and lively, they conflict with the European style of furniture and make the dining table very messy.

3, according to the owner's decoration, atmosphere and preferences.

For example, coasters, if the use of natural materials and abandoned plastic materials, given home meal life, a little natural smell. Grass and rattan mat bring tropical flavor. Hemp texture of the best, can give a simple and elegant feeling.

The collocation of the mat and other articles

1, the meal pad and dining table match, meal mat existence, gives the tabletop a drawing to square the smooth formation. Pick the mat to consider the size of the table and the proportion of hunger, to each other without overlap principle.

2, the size of the meal pad and tableware match the proportion of table top and tableware. Put on the food, the food does not run out of the principle of eating out of the mat. The rectangular dining pad has a round dinner plate, and the round table mat is best matched with the round dinner plate. If the round dinner plate is to be matched with a square dinner pad, the proportion of the size of the round dinner pad is different, and it is better to have proper left space.