Five Led Lights Applications

- Oct 12, 2017-

1. AC power outlet indicator lamp: circuit with two color (common cathode) led as AC power outlet indicator light. The power supply of the socket is controlled by the switch S. When the red light is led, the socket has no electricity; when the green light is led, the socket is electrically charged.

2 AC power indicator lamp: as long as the circuit is connected to the AC power supply line of 220V/50Hz, the LED will be lighted to indicate the power on.

3, fuseholders indicator: LED used as electric factory equipment distribution box fuseholders indicator. When the hose is in good condition, the LED is not lit; when the fuse is blown, the LED will be lighted to indicate which fuse the user has blown to replace it.  This is very convenient for a porcelain core fuse that can not be observed by the naked eye.

4 、 DC power indicator lamp: whether the DC power supply is energized or not.

5. AC switch indicator lamp: use LED as the circuit of incandescent lamp switch indicator lamp. When the switch is broken and the bulb is out, the current is formed by R, led and bulb. The LED is bright, which is convenient for people to find the switch in the dark. At this point, the current in the loop is very small and the bulb won't turn on. When the switch is switched on, the light bulb is lit, and the LED is extinguished.

Led home lighting factory uses new light source LED as the light source of home lighting, not only saves energy, but also elegant appearance, won the praise of the majority of users.