Acrylic Light

- Dec 27, 2017-

Acrylic appearance of high gloss, bright color, color persistence 5-8 years, in other words, that is 5-8 years will not change color, fade.
Strong translucency. Zhongshan City, Zhongshan City, used in outdoor advertising industry acrylic sheet has a very good light transmission, with built-in light, uniform brightness at night, soft, compared with neon lights Zhongshan Guzhen acrylic word is the overall luminous, unlike the neon line is shiny and neon Soft light.
light source
Built-in light. No external wiring, not easy to damage, first of all no external wiring, solves the neon wiring exposed outside the appearance of the problem. Also solved the line, the light source exposed to the air is easy to short circuit, ignition and other issues. And because of Zhongshan Guzhen
Acrylic sealing is good, but also solve the problem of rain can not turn on the lights, rain and snow use as usual.