What material insulation mat is better

- May 03, 2018-

Today, we have said that the placemats are better than the mainstream placemats on the market.


Cotton placemat

Among many insulation mat materials, cotton placemats are the most common one, and they also appear earlier. First of all, let's find out about the cotton mat! Due to the material, the cotton placemats are soft, have a variety of patterns, and are delicate and easy to clean. Because cotton materials do not provide effective thermal insulation, thickness is a key factor for effective thermal insulation, but in general, cotton mats are worth buying because of their variety of patterns and generally inexpensive prices.


Paper placemat

What we need to understand next is the paper placemat. Well, in the above content, we all know that the insulation effects of different placemats are actually very different. And the heat insulation effect and heat storage effect are all good points for us to consider what kind of material of the insulation pad. Therefore, there is no agreed answer on the quality of the insulation mat. The thermal insulation effect of paper placemats is generally more suitable for dessert shops or cafes.


PVC insulation mat

Finally, we look at PVC insulation mats, first of all to say about people's misunderstanding of PVC placemats, some people think that PVC is a plastic so the smell will be heated so this place mat toxic can not be used, in fact, PVC placemats are used Heat-resistant materials and high temperatures do not produce odors, but the placemats must be made by regular manufacturers. Next, let's look at PVC placemats. PVC placemats, like cotton placemats, also have a variety of shapes, and it The heat insulation effect is also particularly good, because most of the PVC placemats are two layers and there is a gap between the layers, which allows it to be insulated so that it can dissipate heat so its insulation time is also very good. Yes, but PVC mats are generally not replaced in two or three years because it is chemical products that can age.