The protector of the table

- Oct 12, 2017-

Now we all know that when we eat, we need to put a layer on the table so that it doesn't hurt the table, and it's very beautiful. This is our popular food pad now. Mat which is used to protect and make a table of daily necessities more beautiful, like a mat is made of cloth and cotton material made of many kinds of mat like, we usually use in the life of a tessforest mat, mat and cushion in tessforest Western-style food and some related net cloth. These mat colors are very much, but their performance is good, when the tableware and some glass and porcelain products on top are not because slip and fall, because the friction mat is very good, can prevent the loss of.

For the mat it is not only because of strong friction, absorbing its good performance, easy to wash; not damage, abrasion resistance, long use; high temperature when some things on it can not be damaged, because of its good insulation effect, thus protecting the table was not burned; in addition it also has the meaning of environmental protection, can be used repeatedly, so the cost can be reduced