Spread the tablecloths, and then the ugly table also has the opportunity to become beautiful

- Apr 19, 2018-

To spread the tablecloths, we advocated many times:

1. My mother no longer has to worry about my desk being ugly. If you are renting a room or you have a budget and you can’t buy a good table, pick a piece of cloth that you like.

2. You can buy ready-made, or you can choose your favorite cloth to find tailors to trim the edge. Do not worry too much about collocation, really like you look happy, of course, the principle is still simple.

3. Shop casually on the floor, not deliberately, naturally the best.

4. It is very convenient to use. It is very important to place the mat when eating, and throw the washing machine dirty.

1、The dark tablecloth gives a feeling of stability and tranquility

2、The simplest linen as the simplest tablecloth

3、The thick red tablecloth is paired with green plants, especially the thick, heavy material.

4、Refreshing blue


Blue tablecloth, white porcelain, glass bottle

a pure world

6、Green leaf tablecloth

Extend the botanical garden to the table.

7、A well-coordinated tablecloth