led home lighting lighting skills

- Oct 12, 2017-

How to build a healthy led home lighting lighting environment, we must first control the brightness, too strong or too weak, will damage vision and health. Learn to grasp the lighting skills, not only can make up for the defects of space itself, but also give it new highlights and vitality. Through lighting, coordination of good people, space, and the relationship between goods, according to the needs of settings, to create a warm visual and psychological feelings, and enhance dependence and sense of belonging to the family.

LED types of home lighting:

1, atmosphere lighting: Lighting form atmosphere, usually a mixture of light and the position of different angles and a soft light, space rich, candles, fireplaces and other low brightness light source is a very good atmosphere lighting.

2, basic lighting: to ensure the basic activities of the body lay the space light color, usually appear in the room above, and use the reflected light and transmitted light, avoiding the eye directly see the light source, produce glare and facial shadows.

3, key lighting: in order to highlight the focus of the location and lighting of goods, usually with a clear angle of projection lamps, lighting is generally higher than the surrounding basic lighting 2-3 times, play a role of emphasis.

4, functional lighting: in order to meet some special function needs of the setting of lighting, such as reading, sewing, kitchen operations, etc., so brightness and color of light to absolutely serve the needs of the function.

5. Decorative lighting: the lamp itself is highly decorative, or the light source of the color, shape, decorative lighting forms, will form a visual focus of space.

A master who regulates the atmosphere:

1, want to change the living environment of light for a long time, but it does not intend to rebuild, so we must start from the partial adjustment, using the light source and the local color can change the room colors, such as light and a large area of carpet surface some bright colors, can make the room color change, light source color and color and illuminated synchronous adjustment.

2, indoor atmosphere changes only by a little shade, the original shade for Susu conspicuous color, emits light with the change, the night tone change, in order to strengthen this effect, with the change of the light source, such as the choice of the big red lampshade, the light source can be changed into warm light. A warm atmosphere is more intense.

Led Home Furnishing lamp can not change the living environment be busy at putting up installations, so it must have a very high flexibility, and easy to operate, the same space in the lighting regulation and dress up, will show a different style, different emotional expression. Create different atmosphere, create healthy home lighting.