Introduction to the common classification of indoor lighting

- Oct 12, 2017-

As people's pursuit of fashion appearance, indoor lighting is now no longer simply play the role of lighting, but also can play a very good decorative role, so the choice must be consistent with the whole family decoration type, then common indoor lighting lamp which has several?

Indoor lighting lamps and lanterns mainly include dome lamp, pendant lamp, wall lamp, spotlight, ground lamp, etc..

Dome light or pendant lamp is the main light source in the room, and other lamps are auxiliary light sources. The function of the wall lamp is the decorative effect; the function of the spotlight is local illumination; the function of the ground lamp is night light illumination.

The main luminaries of the lamp include incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, energy saving lamp, halogen lamp and LED lamp. Among them, LED lamp best power-saving effect.

Warm light source can create a warm atmosphere, white light source is easy to make people feel cold.

Above, we will be divided into different types according to different aspects of interior lighting, specifically how to choose, you can according to personal preferences and decoration style.