How to use place mat take a great photo (3)

- Apr 03, 2018-

3. Printed Placemat

Beware of the flower mat will be selling your child's innermost feelings. Romantic and lively, elegant and sultry, fully able to have both on a printed place mat. Using printed placemats, you can boldly match brightly colored placemats. Of course, plain dishes can also create different styles. For example:



4、Creative Placemat

With creative breakfast mats and a variety of breakfasts, it's often not surprising that you can shoot with surprises. However, it should be noted that according to different styles of placemats and different tableware, the coordination of the screen will make the effect MAX.


There is Moreover design sense placemat which is very hot on the ins:


It is important to emphasize that when using these kinds of place mats, be sure not to tile or regular fold, try to lay on the table freely, and create some natural folds of air, which will be a plus for some small props.