How To Purchase Placemat

- Mar 30, 2018-

Place mat is a kind of food item that can protect and decorate the dining table. Generally use cotton, hemp, bamboo, paper cloth and other materials.

Cotton placemats:Strong water absorption, easy to clean, can be drip on the pad to see the speed of water absorption.


Hemp mats:Anti-mosquito and mothproof, good durability; you can use your hands to wipe the pad, and see how big the tear is, the bigger the better.


Bamboo placemats:The best heat insulation can effectively prevent the hot items from damaging the table; a cup of hot water can be used to test the heat insulation effect on site.


Paper cloth placemats:The latest environmental protection materials are processed with good heat insulation but not washable.

Plastic placemats:Environment-friendly PP placemats, EVA placemats are currently popular, light and environmentally friendly, fashionable and suitable for printing a variety of patterns on the surface. Pvc placemat, silicone placemat, good texture, can be tried repeatedly, bright colors, the surface can make a variety of patterns.