How to identify and select pvc mats

- Oct 12, 2017-

Method of discriminating ground mats:

1, whether franchised stores for sale?. Consumers in the choice of PVC carpet business, should pay attention to view the business there is no formal authorization certificate issued by the authority, international quality certification, China Environmental Labeling Product Certification and China's functional departments; there is no formal inspection report (the inspection report commissioned is not true, we need to look at the test report of the supervision and inspection or daily checks), at the same time should also pay attention to whether the report is original.

2, check the PVC carpet information and atlas. Those printing rough, simple content, said "wear-resistant", "eighteen thousand thousand turn" and other false words, is misleading publicity, is not standard manufacturers.

3, whether there is a manufacturer or marketing institutions standard retail price, whether it is optional price products, if this is the case, it can not be brand PVC carpet.

4, look at the PVC carpet surface pattern. The carpet surface texture, fuzzy color correct, not natural, not easy to fade, anti ultraviolet etc. These are low quality Liepin PVC carpet.

5, look at the carpet core material. PVC carpet with rough core, dark color and easy edge breaking; formaldehyde content exceeds national excellent product standard; carpet synthetic index is unqualified, and all products belong to inferior products.

6, look at the degree of polishing PVC carpet. With sandpaper polished carpet surface with proper strength, few, low quality fake products white traces is lower than the national standard requirements of wear.

7, look at the carpet stitching effect diagram. Smoke a package of PVC carpet, stagger three pieces of pavement. The problem of height difference, triangle seam and edge failure is obvious. Such carpets are inferior products.

8. Look at the bottom of the PVC carpet. The color is not consistent, rough texture, no brand words, large deformation, moistureproof, belongs to no class.