How to choose to use floor mats

- Oct 12, 2017-

What's the function of floor mats? In the laying of the floor, there will be a dedicated pad used in the floor and the floor between the floor, it is in the laying of the floor, mainly to play a role in moisture and balance. Building materials market, we see ground mats have moisture-proof role, can be achieved in the family to install the basic needs of the floor.

The development of the market demand to pad is not only the case, many brands of ground mat businesses played a "function", "pad banner.". Such as aluminum film mats, special plastic mats, paper mats and so on, users can choose to use as needed.

A wide variety of floor mats, from ordinary mats to functional aluminum film mats, plastic film mats, special plastic mats, moisture-proof paper mats and so on. How to choose from its properties? Like plastic mats mainly is to see its toughness, good toughness, mat it is also very good; and the aluminum pad will have to pay attention to the aluminum film and plastic film adhesive on the surface of the aluminum film is close, good pads that layer of aluminum film is not easy off.

There is a misunderstanding is that many people think that the ground pad must be as thick as possible, the floor pad is not as thick as possible, generally about 2 centimeters on it. If the floor mat is too thick, the floor has a lot of room to maneuver, and it can be easily arched for a long time.