Home improvement LED lights with purchase notes

- Oct 12, 2017-

LED lamp belt after several years of rapid development, the market showing a variety of LED lamps with uneven quality, good or bad; in the purchase of consumer use to polish their eyes with suitable choice of quality light, do not covet cheap.

First, the color from the color points, LED lights with a variety of colors, white, warm white (light yellow), yellow, blue and so on. In theory, LED can transfer a lot of colors, the current mainstream color is so few, because there are many factors affecting the color, so different batches of the color band produced by the color temperature will have some deviations. For example, warm white is divided into 3000K and 4000K color temperature, white close to the color of the sun, as well as cold, white and so on, small color difference. Family decoration and daily use basically is mostly because of warm white warm white reflects the warm environment, is bright white, blue fashion. Light color can be selected according to their own preferences, home decoration style.

Two, model 1. lamp belt kind of market, there are flat three lines, yuan, second line, flat four line, LED lamp belt, and so on. As the LED lamp band has energy saving, environmental protection, long life, no pollution, economical and practical. And other advantages have occupied the main position of home improvement. The old flat three wire light band is not only low in brightness, but also has large power consumption, and has been basically eliminated. So when choosing to use LED lamp with the lamp (lamp type patch).

LED lamp belt using the model, usually 3528 and 5050. (3528 refers to the light with the chip size, is rectangular length 3.2, width 2.8 mm), 5050 light belt refers to the band chip, length and width are 5 mm. (since 5050 chips are much larger than 3528 chips, the brightness of 5050 is about 70% higher than that of 3528.) 2, according to the number of LED lights with beads can be divided into 60, 72 pearl beads 68 beads 90 beads, common specifications, in the daily purchase according to the size of the installation space, use of the corresponding specifications. If the wine is home decoration, counter decoration, 3528-60 beads can be of high brightness under the condition of the home 8-15 square meter room can choose 3508-68 pearl gold version of the model, or to use the classic 5050-60 beads of more than 15 square meters room to recommend the use of 5050- upgrade models (72 beads) moderate brightness light so keep the room more coordinated.

Three: matters needing attention.

With part of the 1.led lamp, a lamp guide wire wrapped plastic resistance wire fittings. At the time of purchase and pay attention to choose the regular brand, so the quality can be well protected when the light guide plate (belt width optional to choose more than 6 mm, 6 mm below the guide plate of the circuit board is not wide enough will cause the lights produce a lot of heat, there are serious security problems, so the time of purchase to pay attention to the width of a lamp guide belt).

2, when the band shear, we should pay attention to, there is a special scissors mouth, the lamp belt is generally one meter, a loop, the whole meter of the place will generally have 1 cm blank, is a special scissors mouth, need to cut from the scissors mouth.

3, there is a lamp with accessories, accessories generally have cross plug (that is, must use the lamp with transformer) card (plastic clips with fixed lamp) tail plug (protection lamp with the tail of the plastic sleeve) when buying lights with to ask the merchant, or missing accessories also not.